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I'm german. Searching for my Catalan ancestors

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first I want to introduce myself. My name is Jörg (same as Jordi in Catalan). My mother was born in Sabadell. Unfortunately I don't know Spanish or Catalan language. Since few years I search for my ancestors. I was able to find a lot of my german ancestors back to the sixteenth century. Until now I wasn't able to find any of my ancestors in Catalonia. I have only the informations I got from my mother and my grandmother. As I know I have no living relationship in Catalonia. Now I hope to find someone in this forum who can help me.

The father of my mother was Francisco PORTA BERGADÁ (*29.01.1921 in Cervera). His fathers name is Ramon PORTA (.....), his mothers name is Maria BERGADÁ (......)

The father of my grandmother was Jaime FORT CARBONELL (*25.07.1885 in Molins de Rei +01.04.1954 in Barcelona). I don't know the names of his parents.

The mother of my grandmother was Elisa BALAGUE FERRÉ (*03.07.1892 in Ulldecona +28.02.1975 in Badalona). Her fathers name is Vicente BALAGUE (.....), her mothers name is Raimunda FERRÉ (.....)

Is it possible to write to the municipal administrations to get informations? Do I have to come to Catalonia personally to get informations? Who made the registrations in the past centuries? The municipal government or the church?

I would be pleased if I get feedback and maybe informations about my ancestors.

Thank you, Jörg

Puede solicitar el certificado de nacimiento por internet en el caso de tener los datos exactos para actos de después de 1871.

 Jaume FORT CARBONELL * 07/25/1885 a Molins de Rei
Elisa BALAGUE FERRÉ (* 1892.03.07 a Ulldecona (Tarragona)
 Francisco PORTA Bergada (* 01/29/1921 a Cervera (LLeida)

La página es:

en tipo de certificado: LITERAL
en tomo : 00   
en folio : 00

En estos certificados aparecerán el nombre de los padres y abuelos

Beatriz Mir

Julio Sánchez:
Hi Jörg,

You can probably get some information by requesting certificates from the Civil Registries. Visit:

There you can find English-language pages that will let you request those certificates. Civil registration in Spain started in 1871. Barring accidents, floods, war, etc., you should be able to find those certificates.

From 1840 to 1871, a first attempt at civil record keeping was attempted. Implementation was irregular and conservation of these records is uncertain. If existing, they are kept at the municipal archives. Access to those archives is not uniform, in some towns may be easy, in others may be impossible.

Before 1871, your best chances lie with the Catholic Church records. Since roughly everyone was a catholic, their christening near birth, their marriage(s) and burial were recorded in the parishes and they provide important information, including in many cases name and origin of parents and grandparents. Depending on the year and on the parish, records might be at the Historical Diocesan Archive o at the parish itself.

But first, try to extract all you can from the civil registries.

Viel glück.

Thank you for your help.  :)


last week I've tried to order the birth certificate of Jaume FORT CARBONELL on They've answered that they got my request but I have to write directly to the municipal administration of Molins de Rei. I wrote a mail to them with copies of my identification card and all documents I have to show them that Jaume is a direct ancestor of me. Until now I've got no response from the municipal administration, no negative but also no positive. I'm very curious if they accept the attached documents.
Maybe it could be a problem that I don't live in Spain and my certificate of descent is wrote in german language.
I will inform you if I get an answer or in the best case I get the certificate of birth of Jaume.

Thank you again for your help,


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